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TERMS (Europe)


1.1 These terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to purchases and orders placed by a consumer (“You” or the “Customer”) through the online store of Noxy / wigxy at http://www.wigxy.com/ (the “Website”). Upon purchase from the Website, You enter into an agreement with Noxy / wigxy  (“Noxy / wigxy” or “We”). By using the Website and by placing orders through the Website, You accept these Terms. As the Terms may be updated from time to time, We recommend that You check these Terms regularly to take notice of any changes to the Terms We may have made. Noxy / wigxy retains the right to at any time amend these Terms without prior notice. The Terms available at the Website at the time of Your purchase will be applied to Your purchase. Should the Terms be amended after the placing of Your purchase order, the Terms available on the Website at the time of Your order will thus apply through the entire purchase process.

1.2 In order to shop at the Website You must be at least 18 years of age, and You may not shop at the Website if You are currently under guardianship.

1.3 Please note that We only accept orders from private consumers, and that consequently You are not allowed to place orders for, or on behalf of, a company or other types of businesses. Should You want to place an order as a non-consumer, please contact us through the contact information available on the Website or under section 10 below.

1.4 Please note that the Website may display items not currently available for purchase due to e.g. shortage of stock. Please also note that errors pertaining to information contained in pictures or texts on the Website may occur, e.g. erroneous product descriptions or technical specifications, incorrect pricing or incorrect information about product availability. We retain the right to change and amend the information provided on the Website at any time to correct such errors, as well as to change and update any other information appearing on the Website. If You have ordered a product for which the price was incorrectly stated on the Website, We will notify You and await Your consent before proceeding with the purchase order. All information contained in pictures on the Website is to be regarded solely as illustrations and may as such not correctly represent the exact appearance of the product, with respect to e.g. color, fit and function.


2.1 By placing an order on the Website You are making an offer to Noxy / wigxy to purchase the selected items on these Terms. Noxy / wigxy retains the right to accept or reject this offer at its sole discretion. We recommend that You save the purchase confirmation You receive by e-mail to facilitate any contacts with our customer service.

2.2 Before finalizing Your order, You are given the opportunity to review Your order to discover potential errors. We encourage You to review You order carefully before proceeding to the next step. Should You discover any errors after You have placed Your order, please contact our customer service as soon as possible. Please note that Your order cannot be cancelled once it has been confirmed. Should You no longer desire to purchase the items after the order has been confirmed, You must await delivery of the items and use Your right to cancel the purchase in accordance with section 5 below.


3.1 The prices displayed on the Website from time to time are the prices applicable to the goods available on the Website (subject to our reservation regarding information errors described above under section 1.4 above). The prices are stated EUR and include VAT. We retain the right to change the prices stated on the Website at any time. Naturally, such changes will not apply to orders which were already confirmed when the price was changed.

3.2 Noxy / wigxy may from time to time make special offers and launch campaigns entailing more favorable terms and conditions than these Terms. Such terms and conditions are applicable to the special offers and campaigns for as long as they remain active and for the specific products covered by the offer or campaign, in accordance with the information regarding the special offer or campaign available on the Website. Noxy / wigxy retains the right to amend the terms applicable to, or discontinue, such special offers or campaigns at any time.

3.3 Payment is accepted in accordance with the payment options available on the Website from time to time. Noxy / wigxy has the right to demand payment upon placement of the purchase order, unless otherwise stated in connection with the specific payment option chosen by the Customer. Please note that restrictions and additional conditions may apply to certain payment options, as stated from time to time on the Website. Noxy / wigxy retains the right to discontinue or suspend the use of any of the payment options at any time.

3.4 Noxy / wigxy retains the right to transfer or pledge any claims or receivables it may have on any Customer, including receivables due to purchases made through the Website.


4.1 At the moment, delivery of products purchased through the Website is only available to addresses in Europe.

4.2 Shipping is normally free of charge, unless otherwise stated on the Website at the time of Your purchase order. Noxy / wigxy retains the right to amend these amounts at any time, the currently applicable amounts being displayed on the Website.

4.3 Normally, purchased products are delivered by postal services within 1-3 business days from confirmation of the purchase order. However, Noxy / wigxy cannot guarantee delivery being made within this timeframe, among other reasons due to the fact that the delivery time may depend on factors which Noxy / wigxy does not control. If You have not received Your purchased items after 5 business days, We recommend that You contact our customer service for further information and assistance. If you have chosen express delivery your order will normally be delivered within 1 business day if your order is placed before 1 PM. Please note that express delivery may take up to 2 business days to some zip codes.

4.4 If Your product is delivered as a parcel to be picked up at a delivery point, You shall collect the parcel within the time set out in the delivery notification, which is normally 14 days for deliveries by postal services. Delivery notifications may be sent out to You by mail, e-mail, or by telephone or text message. As a general rule, parcels delivered by postal services are to be collected personally by the addressee. The order number and/or the parcel number may be required when collecting Your parcel, as well as valid photo identification of the addressee. Should You fail to collect Your parcel within the time set out in the delivery notification, We retain the right to charge an administrative fee, currently amounting to 30 EUR for uncollected deliveries in Europe.

4.5 If Your order consists off several items We reserve the right to split the delivery into several separate deliveries. This may happen if the items of Your purchase order require separate packaging of different sizes.

4.6 Please note that once You have received the purchased items, You are responsible for them. Once You have received Your products, You should as soon as possible examine them and should You discover any defect, notify our customer service as soon as possible through the contact information available on the Website or under section 10 below. If the packaging appears to be damaged, We advise You to refuse the delivery and document the damages to the packaging.


5.1 You may cancel and/or return Your order at any time within 14 days of You, or someone You have appointed to receive the delivery on Your behalf, receiving the products, by notifying Noxy / wigxy in accordance with applicable law. In order for You to cancel and/or return Your order You must notify Noxy / wigxy about the cancellation and/or return within 14 days from the time of delivery and return the order to Noxy / wigxy within 14 days from the time of the notification.

5.3 If You wish to cancel Your purchase and return the products, You shall notify Noxy / wigxy of this. If You are no longer in possession of these documents and You wish to cancel Your purchase, please contact our customer service through the contact information available on the Please refer to our customer service if You have any questions or require assistance. You will not be charged any additional shipping charge for the return shipping.

5.4 When exercising Your right to cancel Your purchase, You are responsible for the returned products until we have received them in return. The products are to be returned within 14 days of Your notification of cancellation, in accordance with the instructions on returns enclosed in the delivery parcel.

5.5 If You use Your right to cancel Your purchase, Noxy / wigxy will refund the amount paid by You for the cancelled purchase. Noxy / wigxy reserve the right to reduce the refund amount with an amount corresponding to the decrease in value, if any, that may have occurred due to Your handling of the product in other ways than what was necessary in order for You to determine the properties and functioning of the product (e.g. if the product has been used, damaged, washed, altered or if labels and tags have been removed). The payment will normally be refunded within 14 days from the receipt of Your notice of cancellation. Noxy / wigxy may however delay the refund until the products of the cancelled purchase have been returned, or proof of their return has been presented by You. Refunds will be carried out using the same payment method as was used for the initial purchase payment, unless the refund cannot be made using that payment method or other means of refund is agreed by the parties.

5.6 If the product You purchased and received is defective or damaged according to the qualifications in applicable consumer rights legislation, You have the right to return the product, given that You notify Noxy / wigxy of the defect within reasonable time. This means that You must notify Noxy / wigxy as soon as possible. If You notify Noxy / wigxy within 2 months from the time You discovered that the product was defective, the notice shall be deemed to be timely. You have a right to assert claims based on purchased products being defective up to three years from the time of the purchase.


6.1 Noxy / wigxy is not liable for any delays caused by circumstances which Noxy / wigxy could not reasonably have foreseen or controlled, such as labor conflicts, acts of war, fire, lightning, terrorist attacks, changes to statutory legislation or instructions from authorities, technical issues, failing electricity supply, failing tele- or data communications or disturbances in any other communication as well as shortcomings or delays in services of subcontractors due to such circumstance. Such circumstances shall relieve Noxy / wigxy from any obligations to pay damages or any other remedy that would otherwise have been available. If a situation such as described above occurs, Noxy / wigxy shall as soon as reasonably possible, and as soon as the circumstance causing the delay is no longer preventing the execution of the purchase, notify the Customer.


7.1 All intellectual property available on the Website, such as trademarks and copyrights, are the property of Noxy / wigxy. This means that any and all uses of the Website or its content other than uses by the Customer in connection with placing orders, administration of orders and other services related to the Customer’s purchase of products through the Website, require prior written consent by Noxy / wigxy. For the avoidance of doubt, this entails that all copying and storing of the Website’s content, in part or its entirety, for other purposes than the personal, non-commercial, use of a Customer, requires the prior written consent from Noxy / wigxy. Such content includes, but is not limited to, trademarks, company names, product names, pictures, graphic design and information about the products.

7.2 The Website may contain links to other Websites which are not under Noxy / wigxy’s control and Websites not under Noxy / wigxy’s control may link to the Website. Noxy / wigxy assumes no liability or responsibility in respect of Websites that are not part of the Website.


8.1 In the event that any of the provisions of these Terms is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the other provisions of these Terms shall remain in full force and effect to the extent permitted by applicable law(s), unless any of either Noxy / wigxy’s or the Customer’s obligations become unreasonably onerous as a result of other provision(s) being deemed invalid.


9.1 Disputes should primarily be settled amicably after discussions with Noxy / wigxy’s customer service.

9.2 In case a dispute cannot be settled amicably with Noxy / wigxy’s customer service, You may turn to the Board for Consumer Disputes. You may also file a complaint with the European Commission’s online dispute resolution platform, which can be found at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr. A national dispute resolution agency will then contact You and Noxy / wigxy and seek to solve the dispute without the involvement of a court of law. These types of alternative dispute resolution are generally cheaper and quicker than normal court proceedings.

9.3 Disputes regarding the interpretation and application of these Terms shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the EU country where you are registered (without regard to its principles on conflicts of law) and be settled according to section 9.2 above, or otherwise by the applicable general court of the country.


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